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Ian Thompson

What Will You Do To Accelerate Digital Transformation in 2017?

With the new-year come new opportunities. On January 1st by the time our clocks strike twelve most of us have penned a lengthy list of resolutions. You’ll see fresh faces in the gym and your friends will pass on that second glass of wine at dinner. Most of us view the beginning of a new-year as the chance for a fresh start. Perhaps it’s time to think of the opportunities the new-year can bring for business in the same way. What will you be doing to accelerate and encourage digital transformation within your customers businesses in 2017?

Remain relevant and succeed with Cisco DNA.

Digital transformation is reshaping every aspect of the business landscape. As digital technologies continue to evolve successful digital transformation will require careful planning, collaboration and a refreshed install base. The nearly $5B opportunity available to organizations who embrace digital transformation can be unlocked only with a modernized architecture. Unfortunately there is now a large gap between planning and action when it comes to the relatively tight timeframe businesses have to adapt to large-scale shifts in technology. Simply put organizations must act fast if they wish not to be left behind.

You can help your customers realize the full potential of their investment in Cisco and remain relevant in a quickly evolving industry by encouraging them to update their aging install base. To take things further, Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture is a brilliant solution for businesses on the path to digital transformation and in the words of Cisco’s own Jeff Reed, SVP of Enterprise Infrastructure and Solutions “provides an open environment for IT to automate and innovate with a software-driven approach that provides speed and simplicity without compromising security.” That said a network refresh and adoption of Cisco DNA is merely the first step. It is essential to provide further value by helping customers to implement clear digital strategies and to encourage the simple and effective deployment of Cisco products and services.

Think beyond the sale.

Technology service providers are transitioning from organizations that simply deliver products to those that deliver business outcomes to their customers. It is no longer enough to sell and install solutions. To view your organization as only a machine to generate sales is to dig your own grave. Partners need to think beyond implemented technology and encourage collaboration and long-term relationships with customers.

At ScanSource ScanSource KBZ now more than ever we see ourselves as not only a technology distributor but more accurately as problem solvers helping partners and their customers to achieve positive business outcomes. We’ve evolved past the traditional model of a “pick, pack and ship” distributor and have grown to become a full-scale technology service provider. We are a services organization with value-exchange at the core and our ultimate goal is to help every partner realize success along the path to digital transformation. Our FASTPATH program can help your business achieve Cisco enablement and increase expertise, revenue, profitability and overall success. No matter where you are on the path to building a Cisco practice, we are here to help you excel.

What can you do today to help yourselves and your customers be better prepared for tomorrow? What can WE do today to help set you and your customers on the path to digital mastery? Reach out and let us know.

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- Ian Thompson