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Chris Spearman

Six Things to Consider When Selling UCaaS

ScanSource makes selling UCaaS simple and lucrative for your team!

It’s official, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is here to stay. As customers look to reduce costs, streamline resources and enhance security, IT managers and service providers alike like are happy to turn to the cloud for customizable, scalable options that instantly improve communications infrastructure. The need to stay connected to colleagues now reaches beyond the constraints of office walls and demands a higher level of innovation. Unified Communications vendors are meeting the challenge with inventive offerings accompanied by world-class customer support. Collaborating has never been easier.

There are many things to evaluate before providing UCaaS offerings to your customer base. The list of considerations will challenge you and your company to rethink the modern workplace and customer behaviors. Take a look at what we consider to be the top things to consider before selling UCaaS, and how ScanSource helps accelerate the process:

1. APIs – ScanSource has a full suite of APIs to help you integrate and electronically pass order information, purchase orders, MAC addresses, serial numbers, tracking, and invoicing information. This will help you efficiently gain access to information to help speed up the deployment of your end-points.

2. Financing offers – ScanSource provides many options for service providers with financing- from trade credit terms to leasing. We can help optimize cash flow and maximize purchasing power to help you focus on sales opportunities.

3. Hardware-as-a-Service offers – We are here to help. Contact the ScanSource Service Provider team at for details around a HaaS offering.

4. Inventory management – ScanSource helps YOU save on costs related to running and managing a warehouse. Let us be your warehouse-- utilize our 600,000 square-foot warehouse, and stop worrying about the overhead associated with carrying inventory or maintaining a warehouse space. And if a package gets lost, ScanSource will absorb the risk and cost, not you.

5. Configuration tools/Phone provisioning – When it comes to your configuration and provisioning needs, ScanSource is here to help. At the Custom Configuration Center (CCC), we can provision phones based on the profiles your customers establish and make sure no phones are delivered DOA. Our phones, product branding and provisioning all come from one place and are delivered to your end user for out-of-the-box deployment. And with ScanSource’s advantEDGE Portal, you can streamline your order through a convenient online ordering system. 

6. Reverse logistics - Your customers may return a product because they no longer want the service associated with it. Instead of throwing phones away or having them pile up in a closet somewhere, let us take those phones back for you. We will clean them up and put them in your “b-stock.” Next time you get an order, you can ship that phone, rather than shipping a brand new one.

The demand for UCaaS is growing and your customers trust you, the experts, to vet the options. It’s now up to you and your team to help them deliver a comprehensive UCaaS solution that will raise profitability. ScanSource is proud to lead the charge with UCaaS offerings and wants to partner with you to make the right choice for your customers. Learn more about our advantEDGE program and the ways we can help you help your customers. Learn more about the program here and contact