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Gabby Giles

Your Marketing Strategy, Reimagined

As new technologies flood the market and acronyms like IoT, VR, AR and AI dominate your water cooler conversations, the demand for intelligent strategy around these technologies will become vital to your success as a marketer. Consumers are leading the charge, investing in new ways to see the world whenever and from wherever they want. With so much to see, consumer attention is harder to hold—quick sales now dominate most landscapes and marketers are being forced to get creative with new ways to attract and hold attention. The good news? New technology provides an ‘in’ by supporting marketing decisions with data, customization, and time-saving tech. Take a look at the latest technologies that are helping marketers access and delight their audiences in new and exciting ways.

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Artificial Intelligence is the key to personalization and convenience; two things in high demand in 2018. As machine learning improves, consumer confidence in the bots they interact with increases. Areas like customer support and ecommerce are flourishing under the watchful eye of chatbots—smarter machines make better decisions and they in turn build trust and reduce bias. AI technology also extends into voice-first tech, content creation, image recognition and more.

Dynamic Reality through VR and AR

Every marketer agrees; creating a better, more immersive experience for their audience is key. One way to achieve full immersion? Inviting your customers to step into a different world through AR and VR. From virtual tours to ‘hands-on’ commerce experiences, the possibilities are endless. Not ready to move your content into the AR/VR realm? Work to improve it in other, more attainable ways through rich imagery, video, graphics and apps.

Go Mobile

It’s no secret that people aren’t sitting at their desks as much as they used to. Last year, The New York Times shared that 43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely. Guess what? They’re consuming media on the go too: 69 percent of digital media engagement happens on mobile platforms. Investing in mobile technologies is no longer a ‘nice to have,’ it’s a requirement.  

Live Stream

Today’s audience loves to go behind the scenes. Brands are using live stream video to increase their humanistic value, to share their process and to be more transparent. Live stream also speeds up content delivery, allowing your audience to attend conferences, press gatherings and webinars in real-time. Live video is tried and true, 82 percent of consumers recently surveyed said they prefer live video to other types of social posts. Give the people what they want!

Although each of these technologies comes with its own appeal, they all work toward a common goal: the development of a better experience for consumers through customization and convenience. That improved experience will be evident in the quality of content that marketers provide, the speed in which it is delivered and the ways that the consumers can access it.  How types of technology are you incorporating into your marketing strategy? Tell us in the comments or join the conversation on social media!