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Gabby Giles

Have Nine Minutes to Learn About Cisco Security Solutions?

The way that we work has changed; our security needs to change too. That is the premise, as ScanSource Security pro Ian Thompson recently led a three-part ‘webinine’ series that walks through Cisco Security offerings and capabilities and take a unique look at how the cloud can provide the security you need in this new world. This unique series is full of useful information that takes just nine minutes - 27 minutes in total - to share. Listen in!

Separating Fact from Fairytale:

Ian takes listeners on a familiar journey through beloved fairytales and their modern-day security adaptation. Learn about Chicken Little, the security officer reacting to threats after the fact (the sky is falling!) and how Cisco Umbrella helps protect with the most advanced threat intelligence available on the market. Next we meet ‘Sleepless Beauty,’ the IT guy who never sleeps because he is responsible for deploying a new network security solution. He discovers Cisco Umbrella and deploys in minutes. Lastly we learn about Goldilocks, the CIO in the search for a network security solution that is ‘just right’ for her enterprise business. Luckily Cisco Umbrella works with any manufacturer network, so integration is simple.

Learn more about how Talos-backed Cisco Umbrella reduces malware on your network, works with any network, regardless of manufacturer and how it can ID and investigate threats faster than anyone. Listen here.

Discover the 1%

During this webinine, Ian discusses discovering the 1%. What is the 1%? Most solutions say that they block 99% of threats—we’re concerned with making sure that your security solution catches the malicious files and content that others miss. Enter Cisco Advanced Malware Protection, a lightweight connector that works on any platform and continuously monitors and analyzes every file on your network.

Learn more about the visibility and knowledge that AMP provides. Listen here.

Zero Touch, Zero Concerns

In the third installment of this webinine series Ian discusses Meraki’s MX, the top security product that we sell at ScanSource. What’s Meraki MX? It’s a 100% cloud managed, zero touch deployment appliance that provides comprehensive end-to-end security for your network. It’s an ideal security solution for SMB customers who are looking to grow, especially in key verticals like retail, education and hospitality.

Learn more about this easy-to-use solution and what types of organizations could benefit from deploying it on their network. Listen here.

After listening to this webinine series, we suggest attending the Vault training program for a deeper dive into Cisco Security solutions. Find more information about the Vault training program and sign up to attend the next session here!