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Casey Huffling

How an on-demand economy and productivity go hand in hand

When you research what customers want now, and in the future, it becomes quite obvious they expect one thing above all others: complete solutions. So, they want to do business with companies that help create those solutions as painlessly and effectively as possible. As the center of the solution delivery channel, ScanSource is the ideal choice—especially in an increasingly on-demand economy (aka, ecommerce) that’s a driving force behind the expansion in warehouse and distribution centers.

According to VDC Research, the average warehouse in the US is 42% larger than it was in the year 2000—with Amazon and Google responsible for a lot of this growth. In these bigger facilities, labor productivity is essential. Implementation of new technology and software platforms is one of the solutions that’s increasing the demand for additional rugged mobile computing here. This workforce has to work efficiently and quickly, to keep up with the incredible demand. Using handheld devices that collect, update, and share information creates the smartest warehouse possible, and heightens productivity. But first, products must be tagged with barcodes or RFID tags for tag-and-scan to work. The good news is you can create comprehensive solutions right here, at ScanSource. We offer, in stock and ready to ship, all the scanners, mobile computers, printers, print media, and RFID systems you need, to deliver the right solutions for your customer. Plus, your customer benefits from increased ROI potential, too.

Since Verizon no longer supports 3G and Microsoft no longer supports its legacy OS, your customers need help making decisions about how to move forward, while staying ahead of the competition. Fortunately, ScanSource knows what’s what when it comes to incorporating the most recent developments into one, unified solution—so your customers can fully take advantage of the booming warehouse and distribution marketplace.

The ScanSource team includes extremely knowledgeable sales reps and managers who are ready to help you make the most of the huge mobility-device opportunity. Our highly trained tech-support staff resolves 100% of the calls it receives, with 98% of those calls being resolved without the vendor. Backed up by more than 19 years of customer-integration experience, our dedicated, 30,000-square-foot, ISO-certified, Custom Configuration Center features 200+ ESD work benches, a robust staff with a 98.85% success rate, and is a P2PE-certified, key-injection facility. Our typical order cycle is a mere one to five days! We also offer valuable partner marketing services—including online marketing, strategic guidance, and demand generation, among other offerings. Work with us, and you hugely benefit from our 25+ years of expertise. No other provider of technology products and solutions brings more to the table than we do—especially when it comes to delivering the software, services, and solutions our partners need.

To learn more about the expanding, on-demand economy, mobility in the warehouse, and more, visit our website or call 800.944.2432 today. And, thank you to our ScanSource Solutions Summit Mobility in the Warehouse sponsoring vendors!