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Kristina Team

You Asked, We Answered - New Polycom Demo Units Available Now

The Polycom Demo Pool is a resource that ScanSource Partners can use to provide a five-day demo at no cost to them or their end users. This allows end users to take a trial run with actual Polycom products in order to make sure that they are receiving the best possible option for their business.

One of our goals for the New Year was to expand our reach to Partners and their end users by providing a broader range of solutions that were available. After polling our Partners in the Polycom Pickup, we were able to add five new products to our demo pool that we think best suits their needs and the needs of their customers.

We have added three new VVX phones: VVX350, VVX450 and VVX501. Additionally, we added two types of collaboration kits: Trio 8500 Collaboration Kit with the EagleEye mini camera and the Trio 8800 Collaboration Kit with the EagleEye mini camera. These new units will allow our partners to receive a solution that better fits the needs of their end users and will provide a better opportunity for future sales.

If you are interested in trying one of our new demo units, please reach out to