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  • Cisco-Addressing The Needs of a Growing Remote Workforce

    Ashlee Kittel

    As organizations embrace the concept of a remote workforce the trend of telecommuting employees continues to grow. Current research shows by 2020, 60 percent of today’s office-bound employees will be working remotely.

  • Find Cisco Success At The ScanSource KBZ Solution Summit

    Ian Thompson

    Online tutorials, blogs and videos are great resources for education but nothing beats learning in-person from experts. For most of us, myself included, detailed information and ideas are harder to understand and absorb when taking a do-it-yourself approach.

  • 5 Reasons Today's Executives Must Be Social Media Savvy

    Ian Thompson

    Social media has changed the way people connect. What started as a platform for family and friends to keep in touch has evolved to become a driving force for business growth and a catalyst for social change. I jumped on the trend early with MySpace and was more than happy to trade in my profile for Facebook when it arrived in 2006.

  • 5 Tips for IoT Security Success in 2017

    Ian Thompson

    The IoT is huge. We speak about it often and for good reason. The Internet of Things as predicted has swiftly grown to become the next industrial revolution. Nearly every new ‘thing’ brought to market for both enterprise and consumers is connected to the Internet.

  • Meet Spark Board-More Than Just a Pretty (Sur)Face

    Ashlee Kittel

    I’ve got a confession to make. I am a Cisco Spark-aholic. I use Spark with the frequency most people use Facebook or Twitter, meaning all day everyday. Fortunately my team and many of our partners are in the same boat. Since the arrival of Cisco’s flagship collaboration service the internal workflow of our organization has transformed.