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Carrier-Grade Conferencing Services

  • Scalable
  • Email and SMS Notifications
  • Inbound and Outbound Conferencing
  • Customizable Call Detail Records (CDRs)
  • Diameter Interface with Charging Capabilities
  • Web-Based Provisioning and Management
Dialogic® PowerVille™ AC (Audio Conferencing) is robust enough to offer carrier-grade conferencing services, yet simple enough to implement revenue-generating conferencing services quickly. PowerVille AC offers a comprehensive set of features for the latest in audio conferencing. It seamlessly integrates with existing IP, TDM, mobile, and converged networks - delivering excellent quality and eliminating the need for costly operator administration. Service Providers reselling conferencing services can easily brand the web interface of PowerVille AC, to build solid customer loyalty.

  • Web-Based Reservation System – schedule, manage, and provision with email, phone, and SMS notification
  • Controlled Call-In Times – control how early participants can enter the conference
  • Enforced End-Times – enforce end-time and inform (Whisper Message) without terminating
  • Whisper Messages – play audio message when participant enters and allotted time is about to expire
  • Listen-Only Mode – enter as listen-only without tying up conferencing resources
  • Participant List – hear a list of participants at any time
  • Recording – record complete conference for archival, legal, or other requirements
  • Reports – generate customized and detailed reports for system resource usage

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