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SIP Trunking: Enabling the wideband audio for the enterprise.

Installing SIP trunking on an enterprise’s network can facilitate the transition to an all-IP environment, leading to new services and productivity improvements. Benefits of transitioning to an IP environment include easier delivery and integration of presence information, as well as enabling a wide range of technologies, such as VoIP, instant messaging, file transfer, application sharing, white-boarding, and video conferencing. SIP trunking enables the enterprise to streamline processes, enhance delivery, and thus achieve better productivity. And, when coupled with the cost benefits of eliminating PSTN lines, the benefits of SIP Trunking are even more compelling.

One of the technologies enabled by SIP trunking is the use of wideband audio, also known as “HD Voice.” Wideband audio provides a higher quality voice transmission than narrowband audio and thus creates more natural sounding speech over a phone line.

This white paper focuses on how an enterprise with SIP trunking can use wideband audio for internal communications, communications with other enterprises, and communications with mobile users to create a better user experience. Also, this white paper discusses some of the equipment needed to support wideband audio, and finally looks at the likely next step as uses for wideband audio spread to include wideband audio conference calls.

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