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Transportation and logistics: Navigate the evolving challenges of delivering essential and non-essential goods

The sharp and steady rise in eCommerce during the digital era has put an unprecedented amount of pressure on transportation and logistics companies. Despite their burgeoning workloads, they are still expected to deliver on time, on budget, and at the high speeds consumers have grown to expect. In addition, recent track-and-trace legislation has complicated T&L providers’ charges even further by creating the need for them to maintain visibility of goods and assets at all times, and at every step of the supply chain.

In order to meet the rising demands, it’s critical for T&L companies to operate more efficiently and effectively—often forcing them to adapt their workflows and utilize advanced technology and data-analytics tools. And Honeywell is here to help them make it happen—quickly and with minimal hassle.

From picking and packing orders in the warehouse to optimizing routes, boosting first-time delivery rates, and helping maintain driver safety on the road, Honeywell’s deep and powerful portfolio of specialized hardware, software, and services can help transform your T&L customers’ operations. That can increase accuracy, productivity, and efficiency in the process.

Featured products

This ultra-rugged device boosts supply-chain productivity by eliminating errors in distribution centers and manufacturing. Its outstanding features include an extended life cycle and the powerful FlexRange™ imager. 
CT45/CT45 XP

This rugged mobile computer, built on the Mobility Edge platform, is an all-purpose productivity tool ensuring ultra-reliable performance, data connectivity, and communications for front-line mobile workers in retail, logistics, and fieldwork.


Redefining delivery—Honeywell and FarEye can increase your perfect order index by 12%


THE BUSINESS ADVANTAGE: Honeywell, together with FarEye, enables businesses to execute, track, collaborate, predict, and optimize the movement of goods in a single platform for predictive logistics. The powerful pairing empowers customers to better manage and monitor their delivery logistics operations with an anytime, anywhere, SaaS-based platform.

Using these tools, businesses can elevate delivery operations with real-time visibility across the supply chain to:
  • Optimize the movement of goods from first to last mile
  • Improve operations performance in real time
  • Deliver elevated customer experiences