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Let ScanSource and Zebra optimize your device storage solution

Enterprise mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become essential assets for modern companies, but have you ever considered how your device storage and accessibility impacts your business operations? Without adequate space, security features, or a strategic design, device mobile storage solutions could put your inventory at risk for damage, loss, reduced productivity, and challenges to overall profits.

ScanSource has a solution: Zebra Intelligent Cabinets. Available in cabinets, racks, or cradle locks, these Zebra-validated storage solutions enable optimum business continuity and efficiencies in your warehouse, transportation and logistics, and retail operations. Created from more than 15 years of experience, Zebra Intelligent Cabinets help streamline how your enterprise mobile devices are stored, accessed, tracked, and managed to harness the most efficient use of your devices and workers.

Why sell Zebra Intelligent Cabinets?

  • Grow revenue and protect margins by selling both Zebra devices and Zebra Intelligent Cabinets as a comprehensive solution.

  • Expand customer engagement opportunities by streamlining customers’ workflows and offering a value add-on.

  • Access rapid quotation and easy order management.

  • Benefit from competitive pricing and global supplier.

  • Rely on Zebra’s quality assurance, including VisibilityIQ™ for a single pane of glass to monitor Zebra device behavior, and Zebra OneCare® for ongoing technical support.


Compatible with Zebra Intelligent Racks and Cabinets

Compatible with Zebra's TC5x and TC7x cradles for the moment, standardized modular cradle locks provide mechanical locking, Zebra's Access Management System and battery charge status to improve user accountability, and enhance device security and performance. Cradle locks can be mounted on walls or desks, inside cabinets or on carts to make them mobile.


Consolidated Access

Single-sided or double-sided, standardized modular open racks store 30-60 devices with multiple device configurations, several mounting and built-in options to fit the needs of your physical workspace and operational workflows.


Enhanced Security Options

With Zebra's Access Management System and enhanced security options, standardized modular cabinets can reduce device loss and damage while increasing workflow efficiencies. With six storage sizes from Compact to Extreme, these cabinets offer storage capacities from 5 to 100 dependent on device type and cradles used.